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What is Facilitating Career Development course about?


Career development refers to the process of managing one’s career over time, through a combination of education, training, work experience, and other factors. The goal of career development is to help individuals achieve their career aspirations and goals, and to continue growing and evolving professionally throughout their working lives.

Career development can involve many different activities, such as exploring career interests and options, setting career goals, acquiring new skills and knowledge, seeking out job opportunities, building professional networks, and managing job transitions. It can also involve working with career practitioners, such as career coaches or counsellors, who can provide guidance and support in navigating the many challenges and opportunities of the career development process.

Overall, career development is a lifelong process that involves ongoing learning and growth, as individuals navigate the changing demands and opportunities of the modern workplace. By actively managing their careers, individuals can achieve greater job satisfaction, financial stability, and overall wellbeing, while making a meaningful contribution to their organisations and communities

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Unleashing career development


The NCDA Facilitating Career Development Training course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to work in any type of career development setting.

As a participant of the NCDA FCD course, individuals will receive training in each of the 12 career development competencies. The training is provided through hands-on and interactive teaching methods and provides opportunities to interact with colleagues from a variety of work settings. As the NCDA FCD course content covers 12 important competencies, participants will be guided to build skills and knowledge in these areas which may be new to individuals venturing into the world of career development provision, as well as enhance and develop those that you use every day in your work.

The course is designed to be flexible, allowing individuals to complete it at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Upon completion of the FCD course, participants are qualified to apply and sit for the examination from NCDA in order to earn the Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) credential, which is increasingly recognised by organisations, career associations and related agencies worldwide. The CCSP credential signifies that an individual has the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate career development in a variety of settings, including schools, non-profit organizations, government agencies and private companies and corporate organisations.

In addition to the CCSP credential, individuals who have completed the FCD course qualify to apply for professional membership with the Career Development Association of Singapore (CDAS). CDAS is the peak career association in Singapore that represents the voice of career practitioners. In addition, they provide professional development opportunities for career practitioners, including webinars, conferences, and networking events. CDAS is dedicated to promoting excellence in the field of career development and supporting individuals who work in this important field.



At the end of the training, participants will be equipped with the 12 core competencies of a career coach as laid out by the NCDA curriculum:

  • Career Development Theory and Application – Understand fundamentals in career development theories, models and techniques that would help to apply to lifelong development, gender, age and different ethnic backgrounds
  • Labour Market Information and Resources – Understand labour market and occupational information and trends
  • Helping skills – Proficiency in basic career facilitation process which includes cultivating productive interpersonal relationships
  • Assessment – Understand and apply formal and informal career development assessments, with an emphasis on relating appropriate ones to the population served.
  • Employability skills – Know job search strategies and placement techniques, especially in working with specific groups
  • Training clients and peers – prepare and develop materials for training programmes and presentations
  • Diverse Populations – recognize special needs of various group sand adapt services to meet their needs
  • Ethical Issues – ethical guidelines that guide career coaching services
  • Programme Management/Implementation – Understand career development programmes and their implementation
  • Promotion and Public Relations – Outreach and marketing for career development programmes
  • Technology–The role of career information and technological resources in career planning
  • Consultation – Business services and employer relations

Course Schedule

Upcoming Course Dates

  • Run 2 – Tuesday (9th),  Thursday (11th) & Friday (12th) Apr 2024
  • Run 3 – Tuesday (2nd),  Thursday (3rd) & Friday (4th) Jul 2024
  • Run 4 – Tuesday (17th),  Thursday (19th) & Friday (20th) Sep 2024
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  1. Face to face (online) – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (9am to 5pm each day)
  2. 4 x 2hr Thursday evening webinars (7-9pm)
  3. 8 weeks E-Learning (self-paced)

Course fees for FCD Singapore

SkillsFuture Credit

All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website to choose from the courses available on the Training Exchange course directory.

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utap support

UTAP Support

Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP)

NTUC members enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support for up to $250 each year (or up to $500 for NTUC members aged 40 years old and above) when you sign up for courses supported under UTAP (Union Training Assistance Programme). Please visit e2i’s website to find out more.

Other supports

Enhanced Training Support

For enhanced training support, enter SME in the promo code during course application.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic reserves the right to reschedule / cancel any programme, modify the fees and amend information without prior notice.

other support
Full Course Fee $5076.00
Singaporeans aged below 40 qualified for SkillsFuture Funding $1508.70
Singaporeans aged 40 & above qualified for SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy $568.70
Singaporeans qualified for Enhanced Training Support for SMEs $568.70
Singapore Permanent Residents & LTVP+ qualified for SkillsFuture Funding $1522.80
Singapore Permanent Residents & LTVP+ qualified for Enhanced Training Support for SMEs $582.80
Others (and Repeat Students) $5076.00


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Dr Timothy Hsi

Ngee Ann Poly is pleased to have Dr Timothy Hsi, President of the Career Development Association of Singapore, as our lead instructor of the Facilitating Career Development Course.

Dr Timothy Hsi is a counsellor educator, psychotherapist and coach. He is the Founder and Principal of Abundanz Consulting Pte Ltd and is the Master Instructor for Knowdell’s Job and Career Transition Coach Certification workshops. He is certified as a NCDA Instructor for the Facilitating Career Development programme.

Apart from career development, he teaches counselling courses ranging from research methods, counselling theories and counselling ethics at the Australian College for Applied Professions in Adelaide, South Australia.

Dr Tim was a recipient of the “Outstanding Career Educator” Award at the 2018 Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA) conference and the “Emerging Leader Award” the year before. He is also the Founding President of the Career Development Association of Singapore (CDAS) and leads a team of passionate career practitioners with the aim of improving the professional identity of career practitioners in Singapore.

During his time at the Singapore Management University, he was the Centre Director of the Mrs Wong Kwok Leong Student Wellness Centre and adjunct faculty with the School of Social Sciences and is currently involved as a member of the Advisory Board for the Wellness Centre.

Dr .Timothy Hsi

Dr Tim has a Doctor in Education from the UCL Institute of Education and a Master in Guidance and Counselling from James Cook University. Additionally, he has certifications as:

  • NCDA FCD Instructor (National Career Development Association, USA)
  • Job and Career Transition Coach (Career Planning & Adult Development Network, USA);
  • EMDR Practitioner (EMDR Institute, USA);
  • Level 4 member (Australian Counselling Association);
  • ACTA certified Adult Educator (Institute of Adult Learning, Singapore);
  • Neuro-Linguistics Programming Practitioner (Australasian Institute of NLP)
  • Certified Behavioural Consultant (Institute of Motivational Living Inc, USA)
Dr. Selina

Dr Selina Tang

Educator, Researcher, Certified Adult Trainer

An educator with over 10 years of teaching experience in tertiary education, Selina specializes in the domains of social psychology and abnormal psychology. Prior to her academic journey, Selina was a probation officer with the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, where she worked with youth offenders and their families to support the youths-at-risk. Her teaching and research interests include adolescent psychosocial development, and identity negotiation.

Her academic journey spans both local as well as overseas institutions, where she lectured at Curtin University and Murdoch University (Perth) for over 5 years to a diverse group of students, including adult learners. In Singapore, Dr Selina helms various psychology modules in the Diploma of Psychology Studies at the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, including “Social Psychology”, “Abnormal Psychology”, “Lifespan Psychology”, and “Behaviour Modification and Intervention” to aspiring psychologists and social workers. Dr Selina has also lectured at the Singapore University of Social Sciences, teaching a module in social psychology.

In Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Dr Selina mentors students from the Diploma in Psychology, where she works with youths to mentor, and coach them in their future professional paths career paths in the social service sector. She was also the co-advisor for the student co-curricular group, “Compassionate Youth in Action” where students volunteer with various communityservice organizations such as the Institute of Mental Health, and Singapore Children’s Society.

To pursue her continuing interest in research, Dr Selina sits on the panel of the Singapore Children Society’s Research Committee where she reviews and advises on research studies as well as the NP Institutional Review Board that reviews research projects conducted by NP students and staff to ensure the rights and privacy of students and participants.

Dr Selina has a Doctor of Philosophy, and Master of Human Services Counselling from Curtin University, Australia. Additionally, she is an ACTA certified Adult Educator (Institute of Adult Learning, Singapore) and has received certifications from the Knowdell Career Advisor Programme (Abundanz Consulting Private Limited).


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